Friday, October 4, 2013

World Smile Day

Today is World Smile Day!  This is a special day to us because of our awesome boys!  Graysen & Jaxen were both born with bilateral cleft lip and palate in China.  Graysen's initial lip repair and palate repair were both done in China for free by an organization similar to Smile Train and Operation Smile. Here is Graysen's before, after and present day pictures.

Graysen with his nanny

Graysen as a baby after surgery & showing off his wonderful smile on his 7th birthday!

 Jaxen also had his initial lip repair in China.  It had some complications and when we received him, he had one side that had become disconnected.  This was quickly repaired once we were home by our awesome surgeon at Children's Hospital.  Here is a couple before pictures and a current pic.

Jaxen before any surgeries

After his 1st initial lip repair

Jaxen with his great smile while we were at the beach!

 We are beyond blessed to be their forever parents and to enjoy these smiles everyday.  I encourage you to pray & donate to one of the wonderful organizations I mentioned above or to Love Without Boundaries who also offers cleft surgeries to children in China along with many other surgeries and healing homes.  A cleft smile is beautiful to me, but a repaired smile can open up the world to children and even adults.  If you have ever thought about adopting a child with cleft lip &/or palate and would like to ask questions, please fee free to contact me anytime on here.  I love to talk about it! Here's one more picture of our crazy boys showing their personalities.



  1. Your boys are beautiful and your oldest have grown up! How wonderful to be adopting a daughter now. So exciting. I love seeing how you and Aaron and the family have grown in adoption. Please keep me posted on your latest adoption plans and progress. I just found your blog tonight!

    1. Thank you Jeannie! We love that you were the first social worker we had & got to help us start our 1st ever adoption!